Fisker Automotive

The internal combustion engine is a discontinued model long especially the German automaker against an electrification of the automobile had put up a fight. The hybrid drive as too expensive, unprofitable and on German roads were considered impractical, rather inefficient electric cars. It sat still on proven and praised above all vehicles with diesel engine as a solution to reduce fuel consumption. In the last two to three years then came the great shift. The Japanese carmaker Toyota was celebrated all over the world for its more than a million copies-sold hybrid vehicle of Prius and small, unknown companies such as Tesla Motors in California or th! nk in Norway, even successfully pure electric cars built.

Meanwhile, the Manager of the big automakers agree that the internal combustion engine is a discontinued model no later than 2050 only electric cars sold. The vehicles will have the electric drive of togetherness, but there will be differences in the production or storage of energy. This can be an additional generator produced, the fuel they burn through fuel cells, which generate electricity from the reaction of hydrogen with air or from batteries charged at home or at the gas station at charging stations. While the German manufacturer in the field of hybrid vehicles currently take their first steps (E.g. Mercedes S400 hybrid, BMW ActiveHybrid 7), the Japanese manufacturers Honda and Toyota looking back hybrid experience already around 10 years.

The Toyota Prius is currently already the third generation on the market. As it looks at the electric cars: Volkswagen is planning its first electric model, the VW powers! 2013 at the earliest on the market will bring, Japanese and French manufacturers remain there long. So is the Mitsubishi iMiEV already in Japan on the market and comes in 2010 along with the nearly identical models Citroen C-zero and Peugeot iOn also to Europe. In the United States, in particular the launch of the electric car is expected in 2010 Volt. The vehicle is finally for the rebuilding, and the realignment of General Motors. As you can also the plans of another car manufacturer sees (for example Renault with four electric cars from 2011), is the electrification of the car to stop. In addition to the major car companies, pushing even more small vendors like Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive, and many more on the market and try especially attractive niche to fill. Remains only to be seen when the majority of electrical drives and what car manufacturers still in the race.