PUBLIC Public And The Rest Of The World…!

or: How can alternative living look else? Who has not heard of him? The forest people? Drop-out? The one that ate also worms and snails? PUBLIC public shows what the people seems impossible – a life outside of civilization… and that in the middle of Germany. Movies with and about him have been shown in several times already and the stomach turned around some, if he ate snails with relish. It also snails are only a small part of the food chain, in some countries even a delicacy. When you consider how expensive is such as caviar and considering it where this comes from, then must surprise it a little, so the eating of snails to be nauseating. Like terms are then used as granivores to discriminate against people. Now grain or herbs, fish or meat, man cannot live without food.

Most can no longer imagine outside Nahrungsmittelbesschaffung of shops and supermarkets. There is rarely questioned under what circumstances languish animals before they are slaughtered, it will grow barely scrutinized circumstances in which vegetables, fruits and herbs before they are harvested. Many toxins are now required to ensure the profitability and few ask price at which this is happening. Since Quadratmerter is for square feet of nature destroyed, concreted over, platt made anywhere in the world – and one forgets that one eludes the livelihoods of the people, in the long term, thus. Is this a part of the evolution? Is this the life that the man eventually destroyed itself? PUBLIC public and the rest of the world – no, he’s not, fighting he lives! Again and again he finds followers who stay even for a while, but eventually wins most of the unreasonableness. You again return to a “normal” civilized life. Manages only a few to understand the thoughts and ideals of this “forest people”. But interest, show that everyone, especially the media.

It may be that here is a Is basic need of many people addressed? Right! More and more people, especially in Germany, are looking more and more for the nature and its processes, as well as for the dependence of people from the same. Increases the inlet at the wilderness schools and interest in nature, thus at the same time indicating where the trend is going. Those who are interested can find out more at and who would like to meet offi or enter into a dialogue with him can do so at There, each Museumsbetreuung will find also information about the donor movement founded by public public. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)