Free Software MAGENTO

No Web shop is like the other more. Experts judges unanimously positive. The advantages of MAGENTO are the modular architecture: the developer community of the open source software the design of a system has been successful, that strictly separates the interface from the functions. In this way, an operator can customize his shop and flexibly adapt to your own corporate design. Because while the core remains intact, MAGENTO is just as easily maintainable as permanently update capable. Incoweb is North Rhine-Westphalia number one when it comes to services around the new Web shop software MAGENTO. A related site: ROCE mentions similar findings. The Internet Agency with headquarters in Essen-Ruttenscheid was accredited as the first MAGENTO Silver partner in the country. Thus, Incoweb has secured a decisive lead in the competition for the integration of the latest generation of eCommerce software.

MAGENTO partners only provide comprehensive support through direct exchange of their customers with certified staff with the manufacturer? As one of the first Internet agencies in Germany, Incoweb also already has a webshop with MAGENTO realized and thus holds a leading position. The forward-looking reference that may apply as a success for the IT location food, is documented on my company portal by Incoweb and can be tested in action. Nationally unique services of Ruttenscheid Incoweb, the Internet Agency for online marketing-oriented solutions, has established over twelve years of experience in Essen-Ruttenscheid. Managing Director Oliver Brandt and his experienced team provide high quality products and services in the areas of Web design, shop systems, -based TYPO3 CMS systems and IT services such as Web hosting, domain registration and managed servers. With the status as a MAGENTO Silver partner could the Agency its portfolio now extend to a nationally exclusive service: Incoweb customers enjoy the benefit, to be able to obtain all MAGENTO installation through the design adaptation services to hosting from a single source.

All MAGENTO partners in Germany are certified and trained specifically to a consistently high quality of service ensure. “MAGENTO eCommerce opportunities opened the”, says Oliver Brandt. The expert is convinced of the future of the mature system: “With this software we can offer a powerful and versatile Web shop, which effectively sets them apart from the competition.” Megatrend live shopping: Made easy with MAGENTO effective automation allows the Web shop owner, his customers very straightforward and time-saving new articles to inform promotions and discounts. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of MAGENTO, can therefore easily respond to the new mega-trend of e-commerce: live shopping, which is experiencing currently enormous inlet, only a product at a bargain price is offered for a short time. Search engine friendly CMS-option newsletter tool by default is MAGENTO with a variety of functions such as newsletter tool, integration of different payment types, multi-shop and multi-language capability, manage an unlimited number of articles in any category depth, creating individual customer groups and integrated CMS option equipped. In addition, the modern system includes also some Web 2.