Antivirus Software

Growing threat: serious attacks on E-Mail / AV systems take steadily to Oberursel, August 20, 2008 the drastic increase in classic malware attacks via E-Mail is addressed again and again in the media. Anti-virus solutions to remedy the situation. That however they represent a high security risk, is a paradox: vulnerabilities that have been discovered in all known virus scanners, pave the way in corporate networks of attackers and enable malicious code to infiltrate them. AV engines, however, to prepare and provide, in particular, companies with high security requirements sufficient protection the n.runs has brought protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) on the market AG, consulting companies and solution developers, the application, which is available now. The SANS Institute has recorded as gateway AV engines in their top 20 of security vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities could lead to denial of service(DOS)-Attacken as well as the introduction of pests in the network and the execution of exploit code. By using the AV component can be E.g. the mail see or bring the security solution to the crash, which may result in a failure of the entire E-Mail infrastructure result. It also completely bypassed the protection which can software and viruses or malware can be delivered to the end user. Because virus scanner with high access rights run and be used in central places, they offer highly attractive targets. The crux: the more AV solutions are used, the greater the risk. This problem can be fatal as providers or organizations that depend on high availability and integrity of its systems and data. So that virus scanner efficiently and according to their actual protection function can be used, n.runs has the application protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) \”designed, embeds the respective AV engines in an insular environment.\” The specially developed by the IT security specialists, scalable solution can accommodate an unlimited number of virus scanners and ensures the complete E-Mail – and Antivirus infrastructure against attacks from the outside off.

Wrought Iron Canopies, Railings And Grilles

Forged Wrought visor visors have different stylistic decisions. Wrought iron canopies can be mounted on decorative pillars or columns, or can be mounted on the support brackets or decorative banners. Depending from a sketch of the facade is selected metallic elements of which will be hammered visor. Priority claim for the forged visor is not only a decoration, but also the reliability of the structure. To cover visor can be used sheet metal, glass or polycarbonate in each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Coating of metal safe and not exposed to the weather, but it looks awkward.

Glass povyeshaet risk of injury in unavoidable circumstances. The most reasonable solution is to use a polycarbonate cover – cheap, reliable and with a wide range of colors and thickness. Wrought iron bars on the windows Forged bars on the windows probably one of the most aesthetically complex kinds of forged products. Wrought iron lattice should be in harmony not only with the exterior of the building but the interior space. Therefore, when manufacture forged gratings is to strike a balance between reliability and elegance. Nabolee good option for a forged gratings is a fancy weave and light bends metal rods. From this solution does not deteriorate the reliability of the windows and the world of these windows will look much more attractive, and passers-by on the contrary will not look out for what's happening in your home and will stop your eyes on it Elegance forged gratings. Of course forged lattice should be in harmony with the other elements of artistic forging that decorate your home.

Wrought iron railing stair railing wrought iron fence and is an excellent examination on implementation of technology, complexity and accuracy for all blacksmiths. In the manufacture of forged railing no place inaccuracies because of the quality of performance depends on the reliability of the design and otsutvie shaky handrail. After all, few have there a sense of calm and confidence when railing forged will rock the while counting on a solid footing. One of the priority requirements for the decoration of forged railing and fencing is the absence of sharp corners, large openings and protrusions in the side of the aisle. Nobody do not want to hold on for a beautiful zavihryushku or accidental impact. A otsutvie large holes is dictated primarily concern about child safety. Nabolee better solution would be tight ligature curved thin metal rods.

The Embryo

In this case, all that was purchased at the previous stage, moves to a new, higher, in the form of congenital properties. This process is very clearly seen in children. Born with a different perception of reality, for example, they are easily controlled with the latest technology advances, while the older generation versed in them with great difficulty. In the transition from stage to stage a person should be changed the basis of perceiving the world. A new look at things should be natural – not acquired and congenital.

From the old desires, old approach to life should not be trace remains – then it would be really different stage of development. So we go through different levels of desire, moving from the desire for bodily pleasures to a desire for fame, wealth, power or knowledge. Only after going through all these desire, filling them, and disillusioned with the filling, we are able to reveal an entirely different kind of desire – the embryo of the soul, striving to go beyond this world and go back to the highest spiritual state, when we were united in a single soul. The life of life if people did not develop his own soul for life and not come out in the sense of the spiritual world after death, he almost does not feel anything. Body with five senses disappears sense of the world disappears and only the embryo of the soul. But how many can feel the fetus? Kabbalists tell us that both man and feels after his death – he has only a faint, indistinct feeling of some similarity existence.


Front door – this is the first of the items that can be said about the apartment as a whole. Bearing in mind the saying "my house – my fortress, exterior doors, as the main gate to our house to play a vital protective function. Known fact that Whatever the solid front door, a professional it is always open – it's just a matter of time. So this time it was bigger, and not to give the offender likely to crack your door, you should take in mind a few important veschey.Kakoy lock set? Unfortunately, the one, even the most durable and reliable lock is not enough for complete peace of mind that your apartment is not ". It is believed that there must be at least two locks. Moreover, they should be different types: lever and cylinder.

Lever locks provide a sufficient level of privacy and fairly resistant to physical impact. Feature of this type of lock is that it can encode in case of loss of a key or after repairs in the apartment. Cylinder locks are needed in cases where there is a risk of opening the front door. The presence of additional devices such as bolts, nut, internal constipation only improve the degree of protection for your home. Do not forget about such seemingly small things like eye and hinges. How to manufacture the doors? Very simple in their structure, metal doors produced by certain welding technology.

The cost of these doors is much lower. This is because the weld deforms the sheet steel door, and after a few months, its shape is distorted, the door not tightly closed, and locks start to jam. To date, the best way to produce metal doors – method of spot welding. It does not cause deformation of the metal and does not violate the leaf surface. Of bent Profile produced the so-called ribs. They make the door stronger and more rigid. Typically, the cost of doors, manufactured by the method above, but the quality speaks for itself. Finishes doors There are many types of door trim. From simple painting and finishing up with plastic, dermantinom. The easiest and at the same time reliable way – it's powder coating. It protects the door from scratches. In order to ensure good sound and thermal insulation specialists use mineral or basalt wool, and polyurethane foam plates or foam. Advantage of these materials is that their properties are quite harmless, weakly amenable to heat and provide good .Bytuet a myth that you can buy a solid, secure the door on the cheap. Unfortunately, this expression refers to anything, but not to the front door. Here for good quality and for their own peace of mind you have to pay a lot. Therefore, first of all, you have to decide for themselves what more important to you: price or calm, fixed quality.

Emergency Situations

It is this characteristic of pvc allows him to occupy a high place in all national and international fire protection standards. To date, one of the most sought-after products made of pvc – window profiles. They have already become a worthy replacement wooden counterparts, and even established themselves as the defenders against fires. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry is fixed cases where new windows kept the fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the room. In late 2008, a similar case occurred in a pharmacy "Line Life in Omsk. At the time of fire in the building was seller-pharmacist.

Firefighters arrived at the scene 20 minutes later. By the time the blaze had already suspended ceilings. Rescuers managed to bring employee pharmacy, fast pay fire and maintain shop equipment and drugs worth almost 1 million rubles. Specialists moe noted that the plastic window allowed to avoid the tragedy and loss of property – they did not give the fire to spread to other floors building where the pharmacy and the neighboring houses. Positive resolution of pe is largely the result of the "antiognennym" Advice given to weighty importance.

Under Russian law, all manufacturing companies are translucent structures must be certified for compliance of their products with fire safety requirements. So, in September 2009, the Group companies propleks, Russia's largest Manufacturer of pvc profile of Austrian technology has passed this process and extended the certificate profile proplex for five years. "Tests conducted by an independent laboratory fire and explosion npo . They proved that the profiles are kept for 30 minutes at the index at 150 C. As a result of thermal treatment designs are not subject to swelling, flake or crack – said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with Customer Group propleks. – You can not argue with the statistics: plastic windows in recent years have earned a well-deserved popularity. So, the design should ensure that the level of security – an important task manufacturer. After all, everyone wants his house was beautiful, cozy and protected. " Here the tree is clearly losing the pvc profile, as relates to combustible materials with lower ignition temperature. No accident, for improve the characteristics of fire wood structures covered with flame retardants and mastic, which is not required for the plastic. Now in Russia are in demand both window technologies, and the final choice is up to the consumer.

Repair And Maintenance

Due to this quality greatly reduces the costs for repair and maintenance units, as well as provided durability of building envelope. No less significant characteristics are its clinker brick waterproof, the ability to pass water vapor, as well as the optimal heat and sound insulation quality. As regards the latter qualities, they are governed by the type of material structure, to be chosen depending on the anticipated operating conditions. For example, in order to achieve particularly high heat-shielding characteristics given by the porous structure of the material. If the power brick to the thermal protection is not subject to particularly stringent requirements, then allowed to use the material with conventional structure. Another advantage of the clinker is its high resistance to weathering and mechanical damage. Thus, the facades of brick are virtually no pollution even in the air environment with a high content of harmful impurities. With regard to the strength of clinker brick, it turns out best by a special high-temperature sintering technology products (over 1100 C).

With this 'sintering' can not stay of any inclusions and voids. Clinker brick is used as the reconstruction of old buildings and the construction of new facilities in areas with existing historical buildings. In these cases, the construction of clinker are carried out in keeping with traditional architectural forms and styles. But during the construction of buildings with a totally modern in appearance high-clinker is appropriate as well as concrete, glass and metal. The only restriction that prevents the widest possible dissemination of clinker in Russia is the low water absorption (less than 6%), which can not certify this brick in accordance with gost 7484-78.

Ultrasound Diagnosis

To date, ultrasound and Doppler study took the bottom of the main places in the technique of complex examination of pregnant women. What is an ultrasound studies in obstetrics: Technology for images based on the change in power and frequency of ultrasonic waves reflected from the object of its research on fabrics that affects the ultrasonic radiation, converting it into heat energy. Thermal effect on tissues depends on: Characteristics of devices (power) mode (UDC, pulsed Doppler and B-mode), exposure time (research) This implies that the dose in hundredths of W/cm2. small to cause an embryo or fetus obvious harm. Despite the fact that no reliable information about the damaging effect of this imagistic a product of conception, to conduct ultrasound and Doppler studies during pregnancy should only be indicated. In the early stages pregnancy is advisable to use transvaginal ultrasound (TV U.S.), allowing a detailed analysis of anatomical structures of the embryo and ovum needed to assess nature of pregnancy and the forecast.

In the 1 st trimester to assess the following criteria for the state of fetal eggs and embryos: Determination of the primary visualization of the embryo in the uterus. Measurement and assessment of the crown-rump length embryo. Evaluation of the viability of the embryo. The study of the anatomical structure of the embryo. Measuring the size of the cavities ovum. Determination of the contents of the cavities ovum.

Score yolk sac. The study of chorion. Screening time studies during pregnancy: 10-11 weeks 18-24 weeks 28-32 weeks of the study in terms of 10-11 weeks are crucial for early detection of possible fetal malformations (Down's syndrome and heart defects). Doppler conducted with 18 weeks of gestation provides an estimate of the rate of blood flow and to identify possible irregularities in utero-placental-fruit system. There are individual time studies, depending on the identified pathology. Unfortunately not all the vices with ultrasonic scanning.