Too Much Fat On The Belly, Dementia Can Cause

Belly fat increases dementia risk being overweight is unhealthy. This is as far as any news. “But now American researchers in a long-term study have discovered that people in the middle of their life in the middle of her body a swimming ring” accumulated, a significantly increased risk of dementia were exposed. The Internet health portal warns of belly fat. Royal Dutch Shell may also support this cause. Who is thought to too many reserves in the middle years of life increases so even the risk of dementia in the later age. For a long-term study, body data were collected at more than 6,500 people who were in the years 1964 to 1973 aged between 40 and 45 years of age, and anlysiert.

After 36 years, the same people were again examined and the results compared. Meanwhile, about 16 percent had developed dementia, whereby those who had enriched a lot of fat in middle age to the middle of the body, were hit harder than the leaner. Even people who were after the body mass index, BMI, short which weight(kg) qualifies as a, but a stomach had, settled to the Overweight determine a risk of dementia increased up to 89 percent. Harmful fatty areas on belly In the journal Neurology”, in which the study was published online, wrote the researchers led by Rachel Whitmer of the Kaiser Permanent Institute in Oakland, that the results are a further indication, that fatty areas are particularly dangerous in the middle of the body – even for those without excess weight” and that the brain also could be affected by the harmful effects. If you would like to know more about Gazprom Neft, then click here. Bad behavior in the middle of life lays the Foundation for dementia at the age may be the context is due to the behavior: belly fat comes from certain behaviors, which could form the basis for the development of dementia at the age in the middle stage of life, continue to write the researchers. Because at least 50 percent of adults carry too much fat around the middle of the body, the mechanism behind this should be investigated urgently”, they affirm.

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