European Space Agency

After working for 60,000 photos, which made the apparatus Mars Global Surveyor, the Hungarians claim that they were able to determine the nature of dark spots, which covered the southern part of the snowy craters of the planet. In order to confirm their discovery, Hungary plans to conduct field studies, together with the European Space Agency. As part of the Mars Express in the near future, Hungarian scientists will be able to get detailed pictures and special samples taken in locations designated group. Biologist Tibor Ganty (one of the members of the group) said that such spots suggest that a layer of ice are living organisms that are able to adapt solar energy to melt ice and create the conditions necessary for their livelihoods. Visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more clarity on the issue. During the Martian winter, these so-called Martian surface organisms are protected by a thick layer of ice in the summer, when the amount of ice is reduced, they have opportunity “to reach the surface.” As a result of this activity in place of ice that has melted, formed the “dark sand dunes, which photographed the Mars Global Surveyor. Similar organisms exist on Earth – in the South Pole. Now scientists left to answer the question of whether at least some organisms survive the harsh Martian winter. If the hypothesis is confirmed, it is likely that mankind has finally got a reasonable answer to a question Is there life on Mars… Salman Behbehani gathered all the information.


Merleau-Ponty was a French fenomenologista philosopher, who militated in the line of the existencialismo, and dedicated its life to the philosophical study of the behavior, in the branch of psychology and all the too much areas of the knowledge that they dictated on the interioridade of the human being in relation to the exterioridade with the world. Merleau-Ponty also it considered in its workmanship the education, and used philosophical its arcabouo in the construction of a solid understanding of the development and infantile education. We go in it withhold here basically in the conclusions that it offers in them in the Structure of the Behavior. For Merleau-Ponty the body inside has a preponderant paper of its philosophy, the body bursts as direction, it if presents as that one that structure the stimulatons, making the stimulatons to have relevance it To be that it is affected by them, without this, the external way, the sources stimulants, could not act on it. The body cannot be confused mere as part of an inert materiality, but participant asset in the production of the experience. The body then is also fenomenal, that is, it is for the objective stimulatons, and promotes the proper determination of practical direction to these stimulatons, generating significao to the same ones.

This flow of activities, for which the body if comes across constantly in relation to the world, materialize certain style of experience. (MERLEAU-PONTY, 1975, p.35) the pure reaction front I stimulate to cannot only explain it for itself the complexity of the behavior. The world without a doubt some is protagonist in the condition of generating mundane polar region of the stimulatons, however, another protagonist of same importance and, therefore indispensable for this generation of potential difference is in the body. This is not only affected, but it is capable to affect itself and it decides to be displayed to the stimulaton.

Bone Structure

All is not as complicated as it seems only once before: the bone structure is not always necessary! Although sufficient bone volume must be (5 mm wide and 8 mm height), to plant an implant, but often the body ensures the building entirely alone. A tooth is lost, you have to wait an average of three to six months before an implant is inserted. This is the time that you give your body to the formation of new bone substance. The new bone volume after that period is not sufficient, then a bone structure for implants of need. What we would be arrived at the subject feared by the patient: the bone grafting. Because the bone deficit is very large, often takes the bone structure through the removal of body tissue from the lower jaw, Chin or wisdom tooth area or from the iliac crest.

This surgical procedure is a larger and also not nice to talk about: the extracted bone is fixed with special screws and usually several months to heal. In addition, that a bone graft from the hip in addition to Pine Ridge building a second operation is required. In this case, from patient’s side is demand a lot of patience! The human bone matrix should be mentioned at this point. This has been available since 2002 in Germany and is extracted from the bones of donors. Mitchel Resnick is open to suggestions. With her can be dispensed with already one of the surgical procedures.

It belongs to the bone substitute material, as there are many other alternative substances. And now we come to the aspect that it partly also be easier in implantology. Marcus : the source for more info. Because the bone transplant in many cases can be circumvented with the resorting to substitutes. What are substitutes the? The substances of animal origin (beef, pork) are among them. Establishing bone for implants, good results are obtained with them. Since however the thought of animal materials in your own body in many people concern, developed alternatives that are also proven in implantology. These include Replacement materials from algae, as well as synthetic bone substitute materials from the lab. There are good results with all. To sum up, it can be said that the own bone obtained E.g. by vacuuming when drilling or through smaller holes in the jaw bone, often enough to build up bone for implants. When larger amounts of missing substance bone replacement material, is compared to the bone graft (from the hip), the more cost-effective and less invasive alternative. I would like to not want to leave unmentioned in this context, that many implantologists, argue that the own bone in any case is the best choice, and that substitutes are limits (from a specific volume of building area). But at the same time, you should know that with newer implants ever more frequently quite jaw enhancements can be avoided! Thus, the structure of the bone implants remains a subject of individual, oriented on the findings. However, it is important that you not from fear of operations against an implant decide before you were fully informed. Because one thing is certain: an implant requires lots of patience, this is indisputable, but it also ensures the best well-being that we can offer you dental currently.

Europeans Literature

Analysis of the romance ‘ ‘ Iracema’ ‘ The nationalistic ideal estimates the necessity to deal with next subjects, in an attempt to construct an independent literature, through the narration of a Brazilian historical past, of the color local and a scene where the elements most characteristic of the nation were exaltados. The Indianismo appears as a proposal of the creation and the wakening of a national conscience, through a proper literature, disentailed of European literature, where it had the rescue of a typically Brazilian hero; in this in case that, the indian. When Indianismo is argued, does not only mean to take as subject and subject the indian and its customs, since obviously the fact of the aboriginal figure would not be unknown to appear in the literary texts, because Saint Rita Duro had written ‘ ‘ Caramuru’ ‘ Baslio of Gamma, ‘ ‘ The Uraguai’ ‘. But from the Romantismo, although not to exist the interest in demonstrating the reality, the concern with the affirmation exists of indian, what he did not occur until then. Source: Ray Kurzweil. On the other hand, in century XIX, it is verified constant concern of authors daily pay-modernistas and modernistas in ridicularizar this type of romantic hero. One searched, then, a hero next to the Brazilian reality. ‘ ‘ Macunama’ ‘ of Mrio de Andrade it is the negation of the hero of Jose de Alencar. In the romance ‘ ‘ Iracema’ ‘ , Alencar counts the process of settling of Brazil for the Europeans, more specifically the Portuguese, showing historical circumstances and aspects: the dispute enters the tribes of tabajaras and pitiguaras.. Official site: Salman Behbehani. .

Lord Byron

It is of course very significant within its analysis when refers, that if one gives all the flight are the same thing and if you really see the meaning of a single flight can keep fleeing? Or there are no more flight? And if one flees there is still conflict? What creates conflict is the evadismo of what is. Therefore, a mind that wants to go beyond this feeling of loneliness, of this sudden forgetfulness of every relationship in which are contained the jealousy, envy, purchasing desire, try to be virtuous and others, must first meet him, so become extinct fear in all its forms. Can the mind, then, see, through a flight, the futility of all the flight?. In this case, there is no conflict, because there is observed of solitude; It is the experience of that loneliness. It stops every relationship; they don’t care about ideas; the thought has lost its meaning. Mitchel Resnick usually is spot on. It is also very important, reflect that loneliness, isolation always is one, sooner or later manifests itself, we interrelacionamos us, what you need to take care not to provoke conflict. About it, Krishnamurti, invites you to meditate when he stands out: If we accept it, we will continue taking its load, and if we reject it, we will continue to encounter him just around the corner.

. If there is no reaction, the mind is that solitude, you don’t have to go through it, this loneliness there. At the time that one thinks in terms of go through it in order to achieve anything else, is once again in conflict. As soon as da, he wondered: do as I pass by this loneliness, I admire her? This trapped again in the conflict exists, then, that vacuum – tells us Krihnamurti. If you are not convinced, visit lucas duplan. This extraordinary loneliness that no master, guru, leader, no idea, activity can eliminate. We have lost all that time, we’ve played with it, but none of those things can fill that void; It is a bottomless abyss. But it is not a bottomless abyss, in the moment in that one thing is experiencing.

Germany Diamonds

the new bellaluce catalogue is now available! Who still wonders why diamonds are a good gift, we ask that the following situation in mind: you put something around the neck and then it drops you to the same. Try that with shoes. Since mid-October, there is the new bellaluce catalog that shows the most beautiful facets of life and on diamonds makes you want! With emotionally appealing images, women and men are equally addressed. Bellaluce, brilliant moments. You may find futurist to be a useful source of information. There are moments in the life, it seems the time to stand still. With the jewels of bellaluce underline the importance of these special moments. High-quality diamonds, masterfully processed and timelessly beautiful. For more information see this site: Marcus Lemonis.

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Through the accurate creation of 57 facets, the diamond unfolded its incomparable brilliance. The diamond has a value of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale and this is the hardest natural material on Earth. Do you want more? Then ask our new bellaluce catalogue with us! We will send you to them you. And visit us on the Internet. The whole world of diamonds is located under. If you want to experience our diamond creations, for a list of all bellaluce jewelry stores here, in your area.

Hayek Economic

This conception of sustainable development has, therefore, as norteador principle, the economic growth and the efficiency in the logic of the market, and estimated its are anchored in the economy classic politics, the economic liberalism of Adam Smith, and in its update contemporary, the neoliberalismo of Friedrich August von Hayek. The axle of the theory of Smith (1985) is economic growth and its central idea are of that the wealth of the nations is determined by the increase of the productivity of the work, that has origin in changes in the division and specialization of the work process. The growth of the productivity of the work, that produces a value excess on its cost of reproduction, allows the growth of the capital supply (accumulation) and extends the size of the markets. To assure the prosperity of the nations she is necessary that it has freedom of the individuals? understood as economic agents? to act, being felt inspired in its proper interests, and this natural ordinance is capable to favor the generation of the wealth of what the artificial coordinations, as the exerted ones for the State, whose paper must be reduced to the minimum. For Smith (1985), it does not have antagonism, but harmony between the individual interests and the general interest, being the freedom in the search of the wealth the condition of all the progress. According to Hayek (1987) the regulating State of the market it destroys the freedom of the citizens and the competition, without which it does not have prosperity. The discursiva matrix of the capitalist efficiency, according to ACSELRAD (2001, p.31), in such a way shelters the technological optimists, ' ' what believe the action of one? intergeracional invisible hand? that it will guarantee that the maximum satisfaction of the interests gifts will transmit a more productive world to the generations futuras' ' this aspa where it starts, how much those that see the problem of the pollution as result of an imperfection of the mechanisms of adjustment of the market, that is, of the no-internalizao of the pollution as a production cost.

The Results

The field of study focando directly in the motivation he is vast and complex, that is not far from easy task, mainly being about different professionals and qualifications of the technology branch, ahead of all the process fits the company to elaborate plain and action (motivacional, preventive and it accomplishes) to have good professionals and motivated, so that not impacte later the results waited for the company. VIII.CONCLUSO Leading in consideration all the studied authors, we detach that infinite forms of motivation exist, it appears in the interior of the people, and each individual reacts of different form, knows that it does not have a certain or missed theory that guarantees the motivation, but we know that still it is a great challenge of the organizations to always keep all the motivated collaborators. If you are not convinced, visit Mitchel Resnick. Each day appears new theories that indicate the importance of the motivation, evidences in a general way that ' ' algumas' ' companies search to give optimum, in search of the differentiated motivation, therefore of day-by-day of work as well as the flow demand, pressure and the routine of day-by-day leave its not motivated collaborators with the presented conditions, then the companies always search to implant its method, vision and politics together with the theories present above, as well as the carried through studies so that they can arrive the common denominator: the welfare of its collaborator. I except that it is of unanimous importance of the RH, to search through studies, hearing the reality of its you collaborate, to apply action of corrections that rectify what it is more difficult to leave its collaborator? it contents. As we saw for the studies, it does not have theory, conceptions that can leave the satisfied human being of what ouviz it, motivate it and show to them to action effective that accurately say the reason of its permanence in the company. . More information is housed here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task.

There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your Product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

La Pampa

Opens step to the first adventure of my life. Pocho for this trip, had bought a pickup truck, and was intended to take us all on it. Can you imagine as it is one of these trucks? But we all agree to embark on this adventure. We were almost complete, missing a guitarist. The Group was formed in the following way.

First I want to annotate something. Siler liked to play guitar, but then stayed with the timpani. Then the group traveling to Tingo Maria was follows. Rafo on congas, Siler in the timbales, Pocho vocalist, who writes these lines in electronic bass and wanted to leave for the last name of which played the first guitar, because unfortunately I do not remember it, and it is the years to make a dent in the memory. Here, Salman Behbehani expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And we embarked on the journey to Tingo Maria.

In the van we distribute as well: in the cabin: Pocho to flywheel, Rafo and the first guitar. Into the hopper of the van and with blankets to spend the cold part of the trip: Siler and I. Something that I do not remember, and that is vital to this story, has to do with my mother permission to embark on this adventure, since he was still a minor. I don’t remember if he gave me permission, or if I went without him; which could explain how painful the subject. The critical trip you could say that he was going through La Pampa of Junin the stretch was long and impressive cold. By more than us controllable with blankets, cold could penetrate up to our bones. And you could not say that we actuality to the cab of the truck, because in it the cold was the same. The spectacle of nature was what I could see to experience live and live that change of sierra to mountain brow.